VIDEO: Beautiful Lady F!ngered and Fondled To Death In Kasoa.(WATCH)

Tears Flow after beautiful lady with some heavy Nyash was f0ndled and fingered to death by some boys

Young lady believed to be in her 20s has met her untimely death at Kasoa after boys f0ndled her br£ast and inserted fingers into her pr!vate parts.

The news was reported by Angel Fm and has since gone viral with little info on our desk, the lady who seems to be having a lot of Tattoos around her body has passed on.

From our little checks and Videos going round currently sighted by, it appears the deceased was a str!pper since she can be seen removing her dross and going pantless at an event amidst shouting and noise making from the crowd in Kasoa, but according to other sources ,she was so excited at the event that she decided on giving free show by stripping herself N@ked.

Per reports from Angel Fm, we can conclude that ,the yet to be identified boys f! ngered and Fondled her to death

You can see videos on our Youtube channel due to some p0licies here.

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