Throwback: Dangote Vanished when he heard I have arrived in Nigeria – Shatta Bundle brags

Speaking to Arnold Mensah on VIBES IN 5, an entertainment show broadcasted  live on facebook,  the new viral sensation in Ghana at the moment, popularly known as Shatta Bundle but loves to be called Young rich nigga made a shocking revelation which has generated a boiling controversy among  Ghanaians and Nigerians on who the actual African Richest person is.


According the Shatta Bundle, he intentionally visited Nigeria to have a lively chit chat with Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote but unfortunately, Dangote who was been intimated by how rich such a young man he Shatta Bundle is, vanished into the thin air with no traces.

Shatta Bundle continued to reveal that, he had a amount to the tune of $85, 000,000 on him when he visited Nigeria just to spend on drinks in the club with Dangote.

He further dared Dangote to meet him vis a vis so they both flaunt their wealth for the whole of Africa to know who the actual richest man in Africa is.

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