“I Pooped In My Pants The First Time I Smoked Wee” Lady Shares Experience

In one of the popular facebook groups with Ghanaian Administrators, a called “Tell It All”,  a member asked fellow members to Share the experience they had the first time they smoked “wee” and this was what  a lady from the group narrated her experience.

“OK let me share my long experience…. This happened on 1 Jan 2018…so I went out with my friends Ewuradjoa Daffy Sam and Oluwakemi Akindele that day with about 3 other guys who were also friends… So we got our shisha and were smoking in peace.. I started getting hungry, den we ordered for jollof.. The jollof wasn’t a good one so I pushed it aside.. And went back to my shisha… Little did I know that my friends wanted to get me coded by changing the flavor to weed… Oh God of Habakkuk.. This is where the drama started at the titanic beach… Sister took one puff and the smoke that came out was thicker dan the one I knew… Before I could say jack, everyone had a twin brother and sister in my eyes… One person, I wan shit, I wan pee, I wan vomit, I’m hungry, I’m sweating… Luckily I didn’t get high with my brain so I managed to control my buttocks… Den I could hear all voices farlaway.. Eiiiii has my end come??? All I hear was my friends laughter.. My brothers and sister wen I managed to vomit, it was a full tank, der norr shitting vanish, pee vanished… Der I knew say some metal pass metal.. Now I’m on hunger Strike… I grabbed the jollof I rejected and I realised the jollof was the best I’ve ever tasted… Feeling w) mu and I wanted more… Anuanom, that was the last time I went out with those idiots”

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