“Men are tired of s*x, they need to be appreciated and loved also”- Lady advises fellows ladies

Men are seen as strong creatures whom society thinks doesn’t  deserve much love and appreciation as compared to women.

Both in relationships and in marriage, men are expected to always be doing the voice calls, giving of gifts, paying for dinners or lunch and always making sure that either their wives or fiance’s are okay both emotionally and physically whiles they keep their own problems to themselves.

Reading from the tweet of a twitter user who’s accounts handle is @LifeofArmah is an advice to other ladies who think they deserve all the goodies in life whiles men are expected to keep their worries in the Pandora box.

According  to @LifeofArmah, all what women think they need to offer in both a relationship and in marriage is s*x, whiles  appreciation and love for the man is left for the dogs.

She stressed on ladies aside giving their boyfriends or husbands s*x, they shouldn’t forget to add love and appreciation to make either their relationship or marriage a better one.

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