“Your salary as a teacher cannot support my vision. I’m not interested” – Man replies lady who asked him out.

A lady who decides to shoot her shot was left disappointed by the comment that came from the man she was genuinely interested in.

According to this lady, she had a male friend who was single. The 28-year-old lady said because she was also single and genuinely interested in settling down with this man, decided to try her luck.

Well, it got backfired when she was told by this 30-year-old man that her salary as a teacher is woefully inadequate to support and accommodate his vision.

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This lady was left disappointed and shared her story by writing:

“I am a 28-year-old woman, single and not yet married. I decided to shoot my shot, to one of my friends who just turned 30 since he’s single, focused and organized.

He answered me and said, ”You’re a school teacher, your salary doesn’t accommodate my vision board, I will pass.”

“You’re A Teacher, Your Salary Doesn’t Support My Vision” - Man Turns Down Woman Who Asked Him Out

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