“You will die” – Wendy Shay curses a lady who has said She can’t be like Ebony

Wendy Shay has unleashed a curse on a lady who had said the rufftown record signed art can’t be like Ebony.

The below screenshot is the exact evidential material of the brawl

Wendy Shay incepted the music scene immediately after the demise of her record mate Ebony.

This has created a perception of the “bedroom comodo” singer taking the place of Ebony at the music scene.

Ebony was loved and had garnered lots of fans with her soothing vocal performances and appealing stage appearance.

Ebony performed songs such as Maame Hw3, Poison, Sponsor among others which received national and international recognition.

Wendy Shay, on the other hand, is doing all well to match the records of her late mate but a section of Ghanaians who still do have Ebony at heart believes Wendy Shay is nothing near the “kupe” singer.

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