Wondering Why Women Groan?: Here Is A Solid List. 

1) because you are actually doing a great job in bed. Yes, it is true. Once in a while, a man actually does his job well and is making her so excited that she has to wail out loud. This isn’t true as often as men think it is, but it does happen on occasion. So if your lady is moaning wildly in the bedroom, there is no reason not to think that it is you and your mighty weapon of love. Except possibly, for the next two reasons she might be moaning that have less to do with you.

Reason number two, because they want to make you cum faster. Any woman will tell you, that most sex isn’t that satisfying and often women fake it to make it. Their cries of love making wonders, often are really just the sounds of a woman who wants to get some sleep. She wants you to get it over with already, but you just keep pounding away at her. So she takes the easy road and starts to yell loudly, about how amazing you are or how big it is. Screaming out that she can’t take it anymore, followed by the inevitable ohs and ahhs of a faked orgasmic experience. But in reality, she just want to make you cum.

3) because women have been raised as a people pleaser and so they think this is something that they should do. In other words, it maybe that a woman is trying to please you and be nurturing to you needs as a man. This is a bit like reason number two, except that we are talking about a psychological and physiological imperative. In the final equation, she just wants you to cum and either make a baby, or she wants you to stay with her. It is a drive that goes back to our most primal and prehistoric sexual beginnings. But it still is kind of about you guys, so don’t get upset.

So there you have it, when a woman is moaning during sex, it is probably for one of the above mentioned reasons. Don’t worry if you can’t define, which one is happening for sure. Because if you are having sex and she is moaning, you probably don’t really care why it is. Don’t worry about things that you don’t care about or just don’t understand, be a man. This is good advice to follow all around, because if she’s moaning during sex, at least she isn’t stopping.

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