Women will always cheat on you if you’re poor – Lady Cautions.

Gone are the days when all women biggest aim to settle down with a as her husband or dating partner with or without money.
But still feels happy with him.

A popularly Ghanaian female broadcast journalist, Debbielyn Jackson has once again spoken to all men that if you’re a man and you don’t have money women will always cheat on you.

Ohemaa prove dem wrong as she mostly called made a small live video on one of her social media hubs explaining how now a days ladies wish to have a man who has what it takes to make her look good, have nice phone, wig, expensive clothes etc.

She feather made it clear that, Some women enter into a relationship with an idealized image of how their spouse should behave as a parent, a partner, a professional, or some other role. When the partner falls short of expectations, it can create a divide in the relationship that provides the impetus to stray. “Some women expect their partner to meet their every need and desire (even when they don’t bother to share what those needs and desires are),”

Some also enter into a relationship not because they just want beloved but to care for and also let them look good in the mids of her friends.

Further more, She said not all ladies are in a relationship for a better tomorrow
Some are in just to be on top from the beginning of the relationship..

Finally She urge her fans support Hitz factory show and FOKA TV Because we have nothing but the best for you this year 2021.

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