Women Marry For Their Needs And Not Love – Singer Zakia Kunge

Ghanaian musician Zakia Kunge has asserted that only fewer women enter into arranged marriages and she reveals one of the major reasons why women go into marriage.

In her view, satisfying fundamental needs like food, clothing, and shelter are the main reasons most women marry and this has overtaken love.

Speaking during a discussion on e.tvGhana, Zakia Kunge believes that a woman should only marry a man who loves her more than she loves herself.  

“I was told something really controversial by at least three married ladies and they all urged me to marry a guy who loves me more than I love him and I believe I agree with them,” she added.

Mercy Bee, also known as the “Ekumfi Princess,” was part of the discussion and she placed her two cents.

According to her, if your partner values you more than themselves, they will always be there for you.

“Girl Vibes Show,” where she made the following recommendation: “To be safe, women should be with men who love them more than they love them because such people will treat you better than the others because they love you more.”

“Men, being the complex creatures that they are, tend to be quite loyal once they’ve decided to commit to you. Because nothing can come between the two of you once he realizes you are the one he wants to be with. In contrast, “they take advantage of you if you’re constantly sobbing over him and always around him, as most of our females do nowadays,” she said.

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