Woman orders iPhone 12 pro-max, receives Apple drink

As scammers and fraudsters have taken over the universe, it is mandatory for us to be vigilant as a woman named Liu has shared her grievance after receiving an apple drink instead of iPhone 12 pro-max.

According to Gizchina, where the story is reported, Liu paid a hefty amount for an iPhone 12 Pro Max but received some sort of Apple-Flavored Yogurt Drink on her mail. She explained that she spent more than $1,500 to buy the new iPhone. However, the biggest and surprising fact is that she placed the order on Apple’s official website and not through a third-party reseller.

She was shocked to discover that her iPhone 12 Pro Max was replaced with the drink. Putting an Apple-flavored drink certainly was a joke made by the scammer.

Liu says that, the parcel was not delivered directly to her door. She opted for the delivery to arrive in the parcel locker where she lived. Apple and Express Mail Service, the official courier claim that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was delivered to the said location.

However, Liu exclaims that she never received the iPhone and instead an Apple-flavored yogurt drink was delivered. While no one knows when the theft occurred, the case has been filed with the local police and investigation is currently underway.

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