Woman Lands into trouble for beating three pastors

A 46-year-old woman is in the grips of the police for beating up three pastors in Adum a suburb of Kumasi.

The woman who has been identified as Yeboah Hannah according to reports used a cane and electrical wires on the three men of God she claims are hungry and stomach pastors.

Reports from there indicated that Hannah was on her way to the market when she met a street pastor known as Pastor Yobi who told her she has seen something about her eldest son.

According to the Pastor, there is a calamity that would befall Hannah’s son who he claims is abroad.

Hannah got interested to listen to more of what the preacher was saying because all he was saying were just lies and was just trying to play smart on the woman.

After she had listened to the lies from this man of God for about 20 minutes and he requested money to break the evil, she pointed it to the preacher he was telling lies and started caning him with some electrical wires from his own system.

She later took the pastor’s collection box and shared the money to four head potters who had gathered there.

When people gathered to find out why she was beating the pastor, she explained the whole incident to them adding that she only has one son and that son is a doctor at the Kwadaso Government Hospital so that the street preacher was doing was just trying to place smart on her intelligence.

Hannah went to a different spot where she saw another preacher, she stood there and listened to him after he was done, he also requested money from the people to help in the work of God.

She got angry and used the electrical wires from the first pastor on the second pastor accusing him of deceiving the public just to make money for themselves.

The second pastor called her a witch, and that irritated her the more and asked people not to give him any money.

A third pastor who was around tried to separate the fight between the two but he also received some caning from Hannah.

The first pastor reported the assault to the police who heard of Hannah’s second incident and rushed there to arrest her. But that was after she vowed to fight the street preachers from deceiving the people of Kumasi.

She was later released on bill after her doctor son showed up at the police station.

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