Woman Busted For Stealing Husband’s Money And Ch0pping It With Boyfriend In A Hotel

A married woman is currently in police custody after he was caught enjoying the money she stole from her husband with another man.

According to a report by a news outlet in Zimbabwe, the lady stole an undisclosed amount of money from her husband and absconded with it.

We gathered that her husband reported the matter to the police and after investigations, it was discovered that she had secured a room at a Guesthouse where she was squandering the money she stole from her husband with her side guy.

In another news, a leaked audio of a man declaring his intentions of what he is going to do to a lady who has been spending his money since they probably started ‘dating’ each other, has also surfaced online.

Apparently, the lady has been taking money from the guy, but she has not paid the guy a visit to his house before and we assume it is either, she only wants to spend his money or she is afraid of getting knacked by the man but the principle for romantic or amorous relationships in this part of the world depicts that when a man spends money on a woman, they often want s3x in return.

In the leaked voice note, the man could be heard telling the girl that when he finally gets hold of her in his house, he is going to ensure that hammers her ‘honeypot’ till it gets destroyed and dies.

He said that the only place the lady’s ‘vajayjay’ will end up is at the cemetery because her ‘vajayjay’ will be taking out of her body and buried and she will be living her life without a ‘vajayjay.

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