Woman bites off testicles of ‘unclothed man trying to defile her’ in her bedroom

A man has been left in pain after his testicles was attacked by a woman.

The man burst into the woman’s bedroom she was sharing with her boyfriend where he allegedly attempted to assault her and pulled on her hair, police have said.

A woman bit off the testicles of the man who was allegedly attempting to rape her, police reports from Brazil suggest.

She was allegedly attacked in the early hours of Saturday September 5 – with the attacker reported to be an ex-boyfriend of the intended victim.The incident took place in the municipality of Miguel Alves, in the northern Brazilian state of Piaui – with police now trying to piece together the horrendous turn of events.

Police investigating said the woman was in bed with a boyfriend when her ex showed up at the property and allegedly launched a violent attack while completely naked.

It is claimed the woman bit down on the attacker’s testicles after he attempted to assault her and pulled her hair.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment and released the same day – but has been questioned by police.

The woman claims she fought back with her teeth out of fear she would be overpowered by her attacker.

Local reports quote the woman claiming: “He hit me and started to assault me.

“The other guy was pulling him to get him off me but he would not go and he was pulling my hair.”

“As he was naked on top of the bed, I hit him, and when he pulled my hair, I went down to his ball sack and bit.”

She is then reported to say: “Because women aren’t as strong as men, you understand? So I went for his weak spot. I bit him.”

The man accused of the assault claims the attack on him was unprovoked.

While local news reports state the police have not taken statements from both witnesses and are awaiting the results of the man’s medical examination before deciding what action to take.

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