White Man Drops Video Of Ghanaian SHS Students Who Recorded Their Atopa Moment Because Of Money -WATCH

It’s a sad sight to see the length at which our young folks go for money. They will do basically anything including selling their own dignity.

A white man by the name Chaddick Lindelof who resides in the United Kingdom dropped a shocking video of Ghanaian Senior High School students who sold a video recording of their enjoyment session to him for 2000 pounds which is around 16,796.38 Ghana Cedis.

According to the white man, he paid for the video hence can use it anyhow or drop it anywhere he pleases.

The students hid their identities by wearing masks but spoke Ghanaian language in the video. The moral deterioration in our schools and the massive exposure to foreign cultures we have allowed our Ghanaian youth to enjoy and experience is gradually ripping off our good morals and values.

Now our students have become adult entertainment actors in high school, what will they be as University students?


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