What Men Can Do, Women Can Also Do: The Moment A Female Footballer Removed Her Shirt To Celebrate A Goal (PHOTO)

female footballer removes shirt

We have chanced upon a photo that captured the moment a female footballer removed her shirt to celebrate a goal.

The photo was shared in a recent post made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and it has really garnered some reactions from social media users.

This female footballer was seen in the photo happily jubilating with her shirt off and she even attempted to remove her shorts.

Check out the photo below;

Some reactions the post got are;

Ikenga – How did someone with the quantity of Bress allowed to play?

Engr Chukwubuikem Oddo – This is how they should celebrate interesting..

Sunday Okello – Or-goal-ism is when you have orgasms for goals you make.

Abdulazeez Ibrahim – No be south americans? Wey dey always engage themselves in the street orgy carnival half dressed or almost stark naked, nudity means nothing to them is a of lyf.

Grant Leander – Thats it I’m watching woman football from today on. 🤞

Carole Orock – Hahahah some of u guys can be wicked oh hahhaha that woman deserves a red card for causing distraction and disgracing us women hahahha I head she actually pull her pant😭😭😭😭😭😭 removing of jersey has become every footballers swag, is there not a better way to celebrate a goal????

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