What If ‘Pharaoh’ is innocent?: Camp of Kofi Jumah jumps to his defense amidst corrupt allegations.

A letter released by the concerned workers suggest that when Mr. Kofi Jumah took over as the Managing Director of the state company, they were of hope that he was going to manage the company to a level workers and management would be happy about.

All attempt to have him change his ways for the smooth running of the company has been met with threat of dismissal, victimization among others.

Among the things they have accused him of doing is changing the Security Company in Charge of providing security to Ghihoc Distillery to another one.

This move the concerned workers have said is an attempt to make security at the factory porous for easy smuggling of goods of the company out by the Manaing Director and the cronies he brought along when he was appointed.

They stated in their letter that, products from the company in thousands of cedis has been stolen and kept in private warehouses in Kumasi with close connections to Mr. Kofi Jumah.

The workers stated, The Boss is currently above retiring age and is not supposed to be serving in the public sector but because he is connected to the Chief of Staff Frema Opare as a brother, nothing seems to be done about it.

He has converted the state company into a family affair to the extent of his son driving company’s car for his private business while he is not a worker of the company.

The workers also alleged Sex for promotion claims as they stated in the letter that some female staff of the company have been promoted to top ranks they do not deserve simply because they have been warming the beds of top rank members.

This is the response from his camp

The man increased the salaries of the workers, made them permanent workers instead of casual workers they have been for years. He has created a conducive and atmospheric working conditions which u can never ever get in any institution.

Westec Security was taking much from the company for their security services but paid the workers lower wages which he saw wasn’t enough for the company so he cancelled the contract. He has given his facilities out to the workers in Kumasi and his cars which he doesn’t take a pesewa from the company.

He services and buy most of the items for the company using his own money. He pays fees of most the workers both male and female with his own money to help them attain higher heights. He pays transport for every worker even though he has provided for staff buses. Some engineers in the company takes at least 12,000gh for services of same machines which he put a stop to it. They are embittered because they act of corruption has been exposed and curtailed by the strategic MD. Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah.

He isn’t playing partisan politics to the extent of promoting some of the people he came to meet from deputies to substantive heads currently. The girls they are talking about are the Marketing team working aucidously to sell the products of the company and must look presentable as such both in the office and outside their premise.

Mr. Kofi Jumah is so down to earth and like a father to all. He’s called the Abraham of GIHOC father to all. He had wanted to retire but the workers begged him to stay, he’s poached and still poaching serious workers from other sister companies in the same industry who were exceptional in their line of duties. He has added many brands to the company.

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