We will continue to use juju on you- Slay queens to Ghanaian men

A video of a group of slay queens has gone awash the internet. The ladies admitted to being slay queens and claimed to be using juju to drain affluent Ghanaian men.


The ladies kept going on and on about how much money they are siphoning from sugar daddies.

Stories of how some young females have taken to using ultra means to win the heart of some very rich men in the country has been told in the past.

These three ladies seen in the video have demonstrated that indeed there might be some truth to that assertion. Click to watch the video

Strolling in a surrounding that looked less developed these young females who seemed to be deep into using voodoo to win men over, stated that they are stuck on doing whatever is necessary for survival.

It has almost become a profession for young Ghanaian girls to make a job out of living promiscuously for money and property.

The term slay queen has been used in identifying such women and they are spread widely all over social media.

A new crop of slay queens crop up every now and then and social media is their breeding grounds.

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