We are tired of your one way songs – angry fan blast Fameye.

Fameye has become the latest victim of Cyber-bullying when a fan bashed him for his one way song kind of songs.

The “nothing I get” hitmaker recently released a song to eulogize Okomfuor Kwadae who was one of the biggest act in the music industry but a displeased fan came hard on him on Twitter.

The angry fan with the username @Original_KW stated that Ghanaians are tired of hearing the sensational singer always singing about poverty and how has suffered as I he’s the only one who is “bleeding”. He posted:

“Chale, squad for get different content give Fameye waaa. Every song he go make biaa the content be “nothing I get” like ebi only am p3 dey struggle for life inside. Tsw”

But Fameye who wasn’t who didn’t take it likely with the tweet clapped back at the fan directing him to go listen to his previous songs and see how many times he spoke about suffering in a song.

The award winning singer posted:

“Tins only go bee for you on Social Media! Nokwr3 bia nim ? Go lisin all my songs I drop not features, I no get 1 single sef I talk say I dey suffer for inside, nothing I get sef I no talk say I dey suffer. Just my recent song I did to honor Kwadae is actually the song I see…kwasia”.

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