Watch: Video of broken hearted Lesbian begging her partner not to leave her surfaces online.

This platform has chanced on a video going viral online showing a break up scene of a Ghanaian lesbian couple in which one was obviously disinterested in the relationship and was asking for a break up while the other begged for a second chance.

According to the lady asking for the breakup, she has been in the relationship for 5 years and has now met a guy she wants to get married to, therefore needs to bring the relationship to an end.

The other partner, obviously taken aback and broken-hearted pleaded with her to not leave her. She revealed she bought her a car just to make her happy and pleaded for one more chance to show her real love she could never find in a man.

“What do you want, tell me I will get it for you. What will you get from a man that I can’t give you?, Please don’t go and follow people’s husband. I will take care of you, Malaika I love you, can’t you see? she quizzed while on her knees begging her not to leave her.

Malaika’s mind seemed made up about the relationship and couldn’t do it anymore after 5-years.

Unfortunately, a friend of theirs walked in on them and recorded the entire emotional yet embarrassing scene

Watch Video Here.

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