Wahala: Wife Arrests Husband For Correcting Her With A Slap

A man has complained bitterly about the women in this ‘woke’ generation as he calls it, after his wife sent the Police to arrest him for correcting her with a slap.

The man who noted that the correction was a form of discipline, stated that his wife should accept it and even apologise as a sign of a good wife.

Disclosing this on his Twitter page, he said:

“I slapped my wife and she had the guts to arrest me with police, because of one correctional slap?

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“I was so surprised when the police stormed my office to arrest me, We have lost wife materials, it’s funny how this Woke generation can’t endure like our mother’s.

“She had me arrested and had the nerves to remain in my house, it’s the audacity for me? My father slapped my mom and she never had him arrested, instead she apologize like the good wife she is, then cooked and to wash his clothes. But now it’s pathetic that we can’t correct them.

“@VivianRora and I have been happily married for 3years, she had me arrested for slapping her, Lol. I’m done with this shitty marriage.

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