Wab)n Papa: Wendy Shay Disgraces Herself On Tv; She Couldn’t Spell ‘Beyonce’ (Video)

Wendy Shay and Beyonce
Wendy Shay and Beyonce

Heaven broke loose when Wendy Shay was asked on live tv to spell the name of American superstar, Beyonce.

Wendy Shay couldn’t spell Beyonce

As we all know, Wendy Shay has been comparing herself to Beyonce on social media, and one would have thought that for someone she often mentions in her posts, spelling her name would be as easy as sipping from a bottle of water.https://www.youtube.com/embed/oEI_wgct-4k?wmode=transparent&rel=0&feature=oembed

However, it was a disastrous scene when Wendy Shay was asked to spell Beyonce’s name on live tv.

This happened on the recent episode of the What Don’t You Know show hosted by Ghanaian comic actor, NGO.

While spelling Beyonce’s name with all the confidence from the heavens, a high shoulder Wendy Shay said, “Beyonce, B-e-w“….


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