VIDEO: Thief Hanged For Stealing Phone At Weija

Thief Hanged For Stealing Phone At Weija

A video of a young man, a thief who was hanged on wood at Weija for stealing a phone has hit online.

Apparently, that was a way of the people punishing him after was allegedly caught for stealing someone’s phone.

The thief, in the video, is seen with his legs and hands tired together and hanged on an uncompleted apartment for allegedly stealing the phone.

According to what has been gathered, people prevented him from been lynched by angry mobs and rather decided to hang him for everyone to see.

Many have condemned the harsh punishment that was meted out to the young man. Others have also supported it claiming it a good way to scare these thieves.

The video of the thief was posted on Twitter and has attracted a lot of reactions. See the video below…

Watch the video HERE

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