Video: Ogidi Brown Runs To God For His Life after ‘cursing’ Fameye at Antoa

Artiste manager and musician, Ogidi Brown and his former signee Fameye have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.

According to Ogidi Brown – who owns OGB Music, the label which brought Fameye into the limelight- the musician owes him $50,000 which he is refusing to pay.

In a live video, he said: “You have deceived me for years,” he said in a live video he shared via his Instagram page yesterday. “Sometimes, you bring investors to lie that they would sign you and pay back my money. Then, you later blame it on coronavirus. You have been deceiving me up till now.”

He threatened to curse him and even if he dies and Ghanaians wouldn’t listen to his music, he is fine.

“I’ll evoke curses on you at Atoa tomorrow. I’d be glad if Ghanaians stop listening to my music if I curse you and you die. I swear to God. You are playing gigs and expect my investments to go waste.”

But despite all these shenanigans and curses, Ogidi Brown was spotted leading praises and worship in an unknown church on New Year’s eve.

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