Video of Scammer Captured On Camera Trying To Scam Woman On Phone Goes Viral and Causes Stir

Yet to be identified yahoo boy has been on camera pulling his fraudulent instincts as he engages his prospective mugu on the phone.

The young boy was speaking with the South African lady over the phone and demanded 1,000 Rands from her to invest in a company which is highly profitable.

In the video, the boy tell the lady that, after investing, she would get a return of 18,000 Rands.

Unfortunately for him the woman however said that she does not have any money at the moment but the yahoo boy still insisted on her sending money.

While speaking on the phone, the young man noticed he was being recorded on tape and he signaled to his room mate to discontinue the video, but the person kept filming him.

The lady eventually ended the call after a series of back and forth over the investment deal which seemed to be producing no headway.

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