VIDEO: Drama as Wife Stops Husband From Wedding Another Woman in Church!

Times Uganda Woman Stops Wedding from happening

Wonders shall never seize from happening in this World, and here we have brought you a bold and iron lady if we are to term her well, with an African lion heart. This woman, followed her husband that had left home, only to find out that he was going for a wedding and stops it!

In this video that we managed to get for you, this woman stormed church amidst the exchange of vows of the new bride and groom and stops the wedding. As the priest opened his mouth to ask whether there is anyone that is against the wedding, hell broke loose when a woman stood up and started shouting.

In her words, she says she’s against the wedding saying she sires kids with the groom, this woman adds that to her utter shock, she had spent the night with her husband. That after her left for an appointment, she knows something is not right, thus follow him until she lands in church and finds the husband making vows with a different woman.

The bride, while left and covered in shock, she did not say a word only that she became an onlooker as drama kept unfolding in church. The priests were left in complete shock and confusion too.

Watch video here:

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