Video:…”3tw3 bias y3 3tw3″.. – Patapaa Savagely Replies A Journalist Who Asked Him A Bogus Question After His Wedding Ceremony

This is what happens when slay queens take over our media space. We shouldn’t expect any professionalism from these 2×4 pro-slayqueen reporters because most of them were employed based on their bedroom skills and not what they have in their heads!

This question from the female journalist who stormed the premises of Patapaa’s white wedding ceremony happens to be one of the most mean-spirited, mediocre and disrespectful questions I have ever come across.

Patapaa did well by answering her stupid question with a savage reply.


According to this lady, she can’t fathom to why Patapaa neglected all the fair beautiful ladies in Ghana to marry a foreigner.

This kind of interrogation was a subtle jab to Patapaa’s wife, because, in a way, she meant the German lady doesn’t match up to her expectations.

Patapaa’s rejoinder to this disgusting question will shock you, kindly watch the video below to know how the “One Corner” hitmaker gave it to this unfortunate lady very hot.

Watch Video Below:

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