Video: 18-year-old young slay queen dies after “Sakawa” boyfriend allegedly used her for money rituals.

This year has been a terrible year for young ladies who have decided to date young men who have decided to take scamming and money rituals as their major source of income.

Just this morning, has chanced on a video that suggests that another beautiful and bubbly young lady has died painfully.

From what we gather, the dead young lady is called Angela Boamah Amoah and she allegedly died after her scammer boyfriend sacrificed her just to get more money.

Her friend who provided all the chilling details disclosed that 18-year-old Angela and her scammer boyfriend had a very lovely relationship until she suddenly fell sick in January 2020.

She added that Angela’s ‘t0t0’ was rotting and nothing the doctors did could stop it till finally died on the 25th of October 2020.

From a poster making rounds online, the funeral and burial service for Angela Boamah Amoah who died at age 18 will be held on 8th November 2020 at Kwamo.

Check the video below and listen to Angela Boamah’s who explained what happened below.

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