Vaginal orgasm: How to experience this orgasmic bliss

Almost every woman can have a vaginal orgasm.

All you need is the right technique and the ability to remove the mental obstacles that get in your way and prevent you from climaxing vaginally.

However, you might find other spots to be pleasurable as sensitivity in the vagina varies.

Finding out what kind of stimulation you need for a vaginal orgasm depends on your body and preferences. So, you’re going to need to do a bit of experimentation to discover what feels best.

Clitoral and vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasms come from internal stimulation from your man’s penis, a dildo, fingers, etc. Many people believe the G-spot is inside your vagina, but it may not be a separate entity and may even be from stimulation of the rest of your clitoris that rests beneath the surface.

Clitoral orgasms tend to be more common during intercourse, and less than half of women have regular vaginal orgasms during intercourse. Of the women who report having vaginal orgasms, many find them to be much more intense and satisfying than clitoral orgasms.

The right spot

Having a vaginal orgasm is slightly different for every woman.

  • Some women can have one from general stimulation throughout their vagina from their man’s penis. They don’t need their man to hit a particular spot. If you’re a man trying to make your partner orgasm, make sure to ask her.
  • Others need intense stimulation on their G Spot on the anterior wall if they want a vaginal orgasm. Although some people don’t believe in a distinct anatomical structure known as the G-spot, we firmly do. It’s located about 2 inches inside your vagina on the anterior wall, but it can be difficult to find.
  • Some women need intense stimulation on their A Spot (this spot also has other names such as the Deep Spot, the anterior fornix erogenous zone, or the AFE). This is on the anterior wall of your vagina just like your G Spot but is deeper.

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