Two Soldiers Arrested For Allegedly Raping A Nurse

Two military officers from Damongo’s 155 Armoured Regiment are being held in police custody for allegedly raping a former student of the Damongo Nursing and Midwifery College.

The student is claimed to have come to the school to obtain some paperwork.

The event occurred at approximately 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 12, when the suspects went to the school to meet a female friend.

According to, the woman, who was in the school to pick up her paperwork, came out of the room and the troops mistaken her for a friend and carried her to a urine pit, and raped her.

The event was reported to the military headquarters in Damongo, and the two were identified during an identification parade.

They were subsequently transferred to the police for further investigation.

The two, whose identities are unknown, will appear at Bole District Court on Tuesday, June 14.

Meanwhile, Damongo school officials and police have yet to remark on the situation.

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