Two Ladies Beats A Man Mercilessly After He ‘Ch0pped’ Them And Refused To Pay-[WATCH VIDEO]

Two ladies have been caught in a viral video online involved in a fight with a young man.

According to information the ladies were involved in the fight with the man after he chopped them and refused to pay for their services.

The video making rounds on social media captures the exact moment a young man is seen fighting two girls after sleeping with them.

The video was captured by another neighbor who was also in the hotel at the time.

The act of not paying women who call themselves as hook-up girls is becoming a new phenomenon. Guys are now luring these girls into places like hotels, guest houses and others and refuse to pay after enjoying themselves.

The young ladies have also decided to now take matters into their hands and take what ever belongs to them after they have had intercourse with these guys who are usually fraud boys.

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