Two Killed In Daylight Robbery: Armed Robbers Killed Two Workers In Eastern Region.

Crime in Ghana is taking a different dimension these days. Armed robbers are always ready to attack and kill innocent souls after demanding for money and other resources from victims. The Ghana Police Officers are also doing their very best to make sure that, those notorious activities are put to stop.

Latest update from UTV Ghana confirmed another sad news from the Eastern Region of Ghana. According to the report, a number of armed robbers attack a gold dealer and his workers to demand for money and gold. The wicked armed robbers killed two workers at the shop with live bullet.

When the alarm was raised by some of the residence at Assamong Tamfoe in the Eastern Region of Ghana, the armed Robbers took to their heels. They escaped from the shop with their motor bikes with no means to trace their whereabout.

Blood Of The Deceased.

Currently, the case has been reported to the police headquarters at Assamang in the Eastern Region to conduct the necessary investigations to arrest those armed robbers.

Some of the people speaking on UTV made it clear that, they saw the two workers lying in a pool of blood after battling with the gun shoot. They died at the shop with blood in the room.

The dead bodies of the two workers has been deposited at Kyebi Hospital by the police officers.

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