Two Female Pastors Married; Their Reason Given Shocking and Got People Talking -See Photos

Many strange things are happening throughout the world, most of these things are created by the white race but are been closely followed by the black race as well as Africans.

These things might be a sign of the end time or a warning from God that we are committing a lot of sins and perhaps we just need to repent now before it’s too late.

Men of God are meant to be resilient people because they portray themselves as people who could solve any problem that comes their way, but unfortunately, the reverse is the case now because most of them now find themselves influenced or used by the devil himself who has a plan of distracting people from God’s way.

This is how two female black pastors decided to tie the knot in grand style in New York, United States of America. The two popular pastors who are well-recognised by the name Vanessa Brown and Twanna Gause shocked the whole world when they went straight to the alter to mark a colourful wedding.

Reports have it that they both invited all the members of the church to disclose to them what God had told them before they decided to get married to each other.

It is claimed that they both said God had ordered them to get married to each other because none of them should be controlled by a man.

One of the pastors, Twanna Gause, even revealed that her father didn’t show up on the wedding day because he’s not in support of her getting married to a fellow female pastor. She said her father believed that the devil was using her to carry out a devilish mission on the earth.PROMOTED CONTENT

Whether this claim was just a lie to find their way remains to be seen, but the talking point is that pastors should never engage themselves in such barbaric acts. What message are they trying to pass to their members? To the younger generation and the world in general.

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