This Is The One Thing Prayers Cannot Change, No Matter What; Actress Reveals and Causes Stir -WATCH VIDEO

Actress and radio personality, Akosua Genel seems to have had her fair share of heartbreaks. She indicates that if a man is terrible at romantic relationships, no amount of prayer will change him.

Speaking on SVTV Africa in a recent interview, Akosua shared disclosed that her ex-boyfriend got married to another lady without her knowledge. She found out from a friend who had posted their pre-wedding photos on social media.

She said that “if you say you’ll pray for them, it might get worse. Some men are worse and there is nothing you can do about it, not even prayers because they can’t change.”

“In 2015, I met this guy who was God-fearing and very down to earth. He even told me to stop acting and deactivate my social media and I did it. I wanted to please him because I’ve got a good person. Eventually, he got married while we were still dating and I only found out from a friend’s page,” Akosua recounted.

Regina Dede Akosua Lartey is her name. She’s a radio presenter at Ahotor FM and a YouTuber as well. Akosua has featured in several movies and would love to work with big names like Nana Ama McBrown, Jackie Appiah and the likes.

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