The Sad Story of How A Nigerian Rapper Killed A Jumia Dispatch Ridder.

Joka as popularly called by his fans in Port Harcourt has been in the prison custody for years after he was caught killing a jumia dispatch Ridder who came to deliver an item to him.

He is well known by people in Port Harcourt for His special rapping skills, know body would ever belived that this young man could have soar his hands with blood.

He was arrested after series of investigations showed he was responsible for the young man death.

Joka who was a Young Vibrant Rapper, Who Held the best rapper spot for years, back to back, giving other rappers like Dan Dizzy reasons to step up their rap game.

Apart from singing is a tattoo artist,Joka  who drew tattoos for almost all the artist in Port Harcourt for years before his arrest.

Excel Naabe known as joka According to media reports in March 29th 2017 was arrested by SARS alongside two other suspects linked to the alleged killing of a delivery man with an online marketing store known as Jumia.

Mr. Chukwuma Eleje who was the Ridder, was reported to have been killed in a house on Ada George Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The victim was said to be delivering two iPhones to some customers, who had ordered for them through the Internet, when he was attacked and killed by this artist.

When joka was accused of this crime none of his fans believed he did, but one thing the never knew was that the is nothing hidden in the surface of the earth.

The suspects were reported to have dumped his dead body in a septic tank in a desperate attempt to cover up the crime.

Though Joka Pleaded Not Guilty When They were arranged before court at the first day, saying that he only visited the house to draw tattoos for the young man who had contacted him, before the police caught up with them that day that he was only a victim of circumstance

It’ s up to four years since joka was caught and he is still in the prison custody awaiting trial but he is hopeful he will regain freedom very soon.

Joka has cried bitterly complaining of how his colleagues has neglected him not minding how good he was on stage, the question is that did joka really killed this jumia guy, what connection would he has with this man joka knowing that he is a celebrity should have been very careful with what he does

He prays that God should help him so he can get a good judgment and be set free from the prison.

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