The Man I’m Dating for 2 years is married for 6 years with Kids – Broken hearted lady cried out

Most men do not really care about the feelings of ladies, all they care about is sèx an waste their time for no reason.

In a Twitter post, a young lady revealed how she was deceived by a man who claimed to be single in order to enjoy her toto.

As mentioned  by the broke -hearted young lady, she was dating this man for the past 2 years now and they had plans of getting married in the future not knowing she was just dreaming.

In her broken hearted tweet, she revealed  that she has found out that her serious boyfriend has been married for six good years now and he is even having 2 kids.

She wrote, “Apparently my boyfriend of 2 years is married for 6 years now with 2 kids, I can’t fine the tears. For all the nights I prayed for him and gave my whole heart, it is well, unless I don’t serve a living God

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