The FDA can’t stop us from doing any kind of Business – Wendy Shay claims.

The “Uber Driver” hitmaker stated that she has now come to understand the reason behind the Food and Drugs Authority ban on Celebraties advertising for alcoholic beverage Companies.

The Rufftown Records Signee, made it clear that advertising is a form of business venture for Celebraties hence the need for them to be allowed and permitted to persue them.

The award winning Songstress made this revelations in an exclusive interview on AmeyawTV when questions concerning her brawl with the FDA came up. She Stated:

“I understand, but I heard there’s a law too that says you can’t stop anybody from doing any kind of business. I mean that thing is still hanging. I haven’t made up my mind to stop it. If there should be a deal, I’m not going to sit back and say okay because whatever, I’m still going to push it and see the outcome but right now it’s hanging. Because I understand why they’re doing it but I feel like you can’t stop people from doing their business.

She also said education should be intensified to the public on the right use of alcohol.

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