The Chopping Spree: “Give me a call ” – Shatta wale tells Hajia Bintu after their Video Shoot.(VIDEO)

What started as a mere social media talk on various online platforms that Shatta Wale is likely to ch0p popular Tik Tok sensation, Hajia Bintu is getting some more attention.

A new video that has surfaced online after they shot the music video for Shatta’s new song titled ‘Hajia Bintu’ captures the Shatta Movement boss on camera telling the heavy bum star to call him while she was heading out of his house.

Anyone who watches the video carefully will see Shatta Wale give the ‘call me’ sign to Hajia Bintu as she responded positively in a very seductive way.

I am pretty sure a different school of thought will suggest that all of this may just be a part of the music video but I maintain that if one watches the video very well, the same conclusion will be drawn, LOL.

See below:

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