Teachers Caught Fondling’ Pupils In A Swimming Pool

teachers pupils swimming pool

It will shock you to know that Primary school teachers in Makueni County who had taken pupils on a tour were caught the unthinkable.

In more detail, they were seen fondling their female pupils in a swimming pool.

According to the report, Mr. Joseph Nduva Wambua and his counterpart Mike Kioko who all teach at Step Up Zion Academy Nthongoni in Makueni Mtito Andei were busted by a concerned female client at the scene.

Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI, in their official report, confirmed that the indecent act happened when the school had organized and taken all 32 class eight pupils for a tour to Tsavo Inn Hotel in Mtindo Andei.


In their company were two male teachers who had been entrusted with the kids only to turn into dangerous Hyenas.

A customer at the establishment noted that the teachers were fondling two 13-year-old girls “in the false cover of the clear swimming pool.”She called DCI who “rushed to the scene just as the two teachers were scampering into escape routes.”

Nduva will be arraigned tomorrow as detectives continue their hunt for Kioko.

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