“Take It, My Sperms Are Holy and will Fight Your Spiritual Battles” -Childless Woman Exposes Pastor Who Fvck Her

Shockingly, a frustrated Ghanaian lady has taken to Tima Kumkum’s show hosted on Hitz FM to share her worries about how stuck she is between her pastor and husband.

Her experience with the pastor shared has left many tongues wagging in a total dismay, as they give unpalatable comments.

According to her in a lengthy post to Tima, she is happily married to her husband but childlessness has been her major problem.

Taking a good step to have a child to call hers, the unidentified lady said she visited a pastor she trusts so much for help and to her utter surprise, she was told that she’s being tormented by some demons in her husband’s house and before she can break that bond between herself and the demons, she needs to sleep with the pastor.

She said that the pastor told her point-blank that his sperms are holy and that if she allows herself to sleep with her, she will be free from the demons and be able to give birth to children.

With eagerness, the lady said she accepted to sleep with the pastor and on the same day, her husband also slept with her and surprisingly, she got pregnant in the next few days.

Now, her worries are that she cannot tell if the pregnancy is for her husband or pastor.

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