Street Combat: Two Girls Fight Aggressively & Dirty Themselves Over A Guy (Video)

It’s surprising how in this century, girls still fight and dirty themselves over a guy in public.

A video sighted has three girls dirtying themselves on a busy street. It’s in circulation on social media and has set tongues wagging.

Every day or the other, amusing, weird and funny videos go viral on the internet, capturing the interest of users.

One of such videos that’s shared on social media is of a crazy fight that broke between a faction of girls in the middle of a street.

It’s not known where the video is from,. But the video has gone viral, and people are curious to know the reason behind this ugly brawl.

The video captures two young girls aggressively charging at each other and kicking each other.

After a few seconds, a third girl joined the fight as they continue kicking and punching each other in addition to pulling hair as well.

Meanwhile, onlookers standing at the end of the lane watch the fight from a distance.
It is not clear what the bone of contention was but from whispers online, they were fighting over a man.

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