Stream Our Songs, So We Can Spend On The Ladies – Strongman.

Ghanaian rap artiste, Strongman Burner has urged and plead to Ghanaians to keep streaming his songs on various online platforms so that he can make enough money to buy more cars and also spread money online and on ladies.

In a recent interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana, the artiste mentioned that the deadly coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of artistes and taken a lot of money from them as well but thanks to online platforms, they are able to make a few cedis to keep themselves going.


“But we thank God that at the end of everything we are still getting a little money from our crafts basically from ITunes, Spotify,YouTubes and other streaming platforms..Sometimes, we do get features and someone or two endorsements as well, so at least we’ll manage.

We really just need to educate our fans and followers to keep streaming our songs so that we can make more money and spend it…We make much money,share money when fans call our names and even spread money on ladies.. The money will double up if they keep on streaming our songs and we will give them more..he stated”.

According to Strongman, the digital way of having concerts, from the numbers they see now, is gradually picking up, hence it will soon become a normal way of life

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