Someone Dashed Me $200 In London Because Wendy Shay Walked Out Of My Studio – Nana Romeo

Accra FM Presenter, Nana Romeo Welewele has disclosed that his issue with Wendy Shay earned him 200 dollars when he travelled to the United Kingdom.

However, he explained that the money was given to him following his incident with Wendy Shay.

If you would recall, Wendy Shay walked out of an interviewafter Nana Romeo repeated questions about whether she is having an affair with the CEO of Rufftown Records, Bullet or not.

Initially, Wendy Shay denied having an affair with Bullet, but Nana Romeo kept on asking about it.

He even bragged to have evidence about their amorous relationship—and Wendy, who was not happy about the subject apologized and walked out.

According to Nana Romeo, the person who gave him the money watched the video of the incident and was able to recognize him when they met in London.

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