Some women put maggi’ cubes in their anu$ to make their buttocks bigger and rounder, according to a nurse

A nurse has revealed to the surprise of all how some ladies insert “Maggi” cubes into their anus with the hope of getting their buttocks rounder and larger.

According to her, these ladies put the Maggi cubes or monosodium glutamate into syringes and insert them into the anus with the hope of getting the effect.

Stop putting Maggi into your anus

Putting stock cubes like Maggi into your anus to make your buttocks larger and rounder does not work and is extremely harmful. 

Some of you insert Maggi cube as a suppository or mix it with water to form an enema then use a syringe to inject it into your anus.

@SneakerNyame_ commented: You mean people really put monosoduim glutamate in their trumu? To make their a us sweet or what? Tell me it’s a lie..

@_supremoart wrote: you have no idea what girls can do, but am suspecting the South Africans on this too.

The nurse [@ursula_whyte1] revealed the side effects of this act. According to her, infections could spread into the system through the insertion of the Maggi into the anus.

“Second, the high salt concentration in Maggi can cause cracks (excoriations) on the inner lining on your anus. A countless number of germs can seep through those cracks into your bloodstream and cause infections.”

According to her, there are so many outrageous things people do when they visit the hospital and the insertion of Maggi cubes into the anus for rounder and larger buttocks is one of such.

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