Since 2016 that I started having sex no man has being able to shift my womb – Lady complains

A young lady who claims to have had high expectations about men’s sexual prowess before she ventured into the sex adventure four years ago has expressed serious disappointment at her experience so far.

According to her, before she began having sex, she had heard stories about men shifting the wombs of women, so she got prepared to meet them boot for a boot but she has realized over the period that men are always fond of blowing hot air.

In a letter addressed to a Nigerian relationship counselor, Joro Olumofin, the daredevil said she will continue the sexual adventure in anticipation of a man strong enough to shift her womb as has always espoused.

She disclosed that the longest any man has ever lasted in bed with her was 25 minutes which was done by a man from Calabar but her womb and other internal organs did not feel an iota of impact from what he thought was his best.

Her letter reads: “Joro just want to complain.

“Since 2016 that I started having this sex have not found a man that shift my womb. Guys will make mouth when I come to their place that they rearrange my kidney and liver but my kidney is still intact only one calaba guy try 25 minutes straight but my womb no shift.

“Where can I get that man that can do 45 minutes straight and won’t cum and his leg start shaking like chicken.

“4 years of sex no womb shifting to my sex CV.

“God will do it one day.”Since 2016 that I started having sex I’ve not found a man that can shift my womb – Lady complainsSince

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