SHS Girls Set Social Media Ablaze As A L3ak Video Of Them Captured Doing The Unthinkable Hits Online

Some Ghanaians believe that there is something wrong with the majority of our Senior High School girls. Many of these SHS girls have been captured on camera twerking, smooching, kissing, romancing and bonking in school.

Some of them even record themselves doing these immoral activities in their school uniform. Some social media users have therefore called for serious prayer for all girls in SHS because they believe their immoral activities are not normal.

Checking the images in this article, about six SHS girls filmed themselves doing the unthinkable on camera. These girls were dancing to a music tune being played in the background of the music when the girl in your picture above remove her brassier and showed her raw breast to the camera.

This propelled the girls in your picture above and below to also remove their brazier and show their raw breasts to the camera.

Some girls didn’t remove their braziers while dancing. For whatever reason they were doing this on camera nobody knows. But one thing that was very clear was that something seems to be wrong with these girls. They may be influenced by friends to be doing this in school.

Parents need to visit their children in school and ask about their well-being for these children to stop these ‘foolish’ activities they have been doing in school.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that parents and teachers need to revisit the olden days and teach these students about the Ghanaian culture.

They believe neglecting our culture and values for that of the Western world is a major contribution to these behaviors.

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Check out some of the reactions from some Ghanaians below:

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