Shocker As A Dead Man Wakes Up Screaming After Mortuary Attendant Accidentally Cut Him -WATCH

Death is inevitable, and every living soul shall taste death. When it is time to die, we will surely die, but if it’s not yet your time to die, no matter what happened, you will never die.

There are situations where people faint or pass out and only doctors can determine what has happened to the victim.

People sometimes experience heart failures, but people often mistake it to be real death because the person affected will stop breathing for some time before the person comes back to life again.

The doctors then lied to the family of the man that he was dead because they couldn’t handle his condition. However, when the family came and took the deceased to the mortuary, the mortuary attendee while trying to remove the leather wrapped around the supposed dead man mistakenly cut his flesh, and the man woke up and started screaming for help.

Reports also reveal that an autopsy was carried out before his body was deposited to the mortuary, but reports state that the pathologists who carried out the autopsy in conjunction with the doctors of the general hospital issued a false report.

However, the health committee is investigating the doctors and the pathologists for lying to the family of the man.

Unfortunately, confirmed reports have disclosed that the man later died after he was accidentally cut by the mortuary attendant during the preparation of his burial.

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