Shatta Wale almost broke my legs with a Crazy Sex Position while getting intimate- Michy

Shatta Wale and his ex-fiance, Michelle, could almost pass for Ghana’s own version of a Cardi B and Offset relationship.

Shatta and Michy’s relationship has been marred by a number of controversies and yet have reunited on a number of occasions.

However, since the last time they got separated, Michy has stood her ground insisting that she is through with the Dancehall act.

Rumored to have moved to Kumasi with their son, Majesty, Michy, by her actions, proved that she was really done with the SM boss for good.

Nonetheless, Shatta on 6th May which happened to be Michy’s birthday celebrated his baby mama and even composed a song for her on her special day.

Michy, with her sweet response, got people second-guessing if they were really separated.

Meanwhile, the “Melissa” hit crooner had an interview on 3FM today and spoke extensively about his relationship life.

Wale expressed that his loyalty to all the women he has dated was unparalleled and asked male listeners to allow their women room to be themselves.

In a phone-in conversation amid the interview, Michy spoke to the host about how romantic Shatta is.

She revealed that her ex could be the most romantic man alive when he wants to be- affirming that he is a great guy.

Michy said, “Shatta is a good guy. He can be very annoying but he is generally a sweet guy and when he wants to be romantic, he is very romantic.”

Michelle disclosed how freaky they used to get back when they were together narrating that, ”There was one time we tried to do a very silly sex position and Shatta almost broke my legs…we ended up at the hospital.. the doctor even asked us if we liked practicing weird sex positions.”

Although separated, Shatta Wale and his baby mama still share a good relationship and the possibility of a possible reunion still lingers on the minds of fans

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