See Photos Of The Two 12-Year-Old Girl Who Gave Birth and Got People Talking -Photos

Teenage pregnancy is a common problem in sub Saharan Africa and in Latin American and Caribbean countries. In most cases of teenage pregnancy they are unwanted and unwanted.

These pregnancies have a higher risk for the mother and the baby than the pregnancies of women older than 20 years.

Teen pregnancy or early pregnancy occurs when neither your body nor your mind are ready for it; between early adolescence or puberty, the beginning of childbearing age and the end of adolescence, which the WHO establishes at 19 years of age.

Most teen pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. At these ages, pregnancy can be the product of physical, symbolic, psychological and economic violence. The risk of dying from causes related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum doubles if girls become pregnant before 15 years of age.

Empirical evidence indicates that among the factors associated with early motherhood are the characteristics of the adolescent’s household: the income of her parents, their levels of education, and the poverty status of the household.

But there are also relevant contextual factors, such as access to comprehensive sexuality education, to the different methods of family planning and, above all, to the guarantee of the exercise of their rights.

Likewise, adolescent pregnancy and motherhood are influenced by a set of cultural representations around gender, motherhood, sex, adolescence, sexuality and couple relationships. Girls who become pregnant at an early age are at increased risk of maternal mortality and morbidity.

Pregnancy during the first few years after puberty increases the risk of miscarriage, obstruction of labor, postpartum hemorrhage, pregnancy related hypertension, and lifelong debilitating conditions such as obstetric fistula.

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Having very young children also means that women and girls are more vulnerable to other negative maternal health outcomes from frequent births, unintended pregnancies, and unsafe abortions.

Babies born to adolescent mothers are more likely to be stillborn, premature or underweight and are at higher risk of dying in infancy, due to the young age of the mother.

This risk is compounded by the lack of access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Currently, two photos are circulating online. In these photos are two teenage girls who are supposedly mothers. People reacted upon seeing those photos. As usual, users took sides.

Whiles others were praising and adoring the young mothers, others condemned them.

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