Screenshot: I Caught My Girlfriend’s Biological Father ‘Chopping’ Her In My Bedroom- Man Confesses

A Ghanaian man has shared his worst nightmare and the most heartbreaking experience he has ever encountered in his life.

In a screenshot that has gone viral on social media, a man explains in a Whatsapp conversation with his friend that his girlfriend has done the unthinkable.


He explained that he suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on her so he left his house for her one day that he was running some errands in Tema. He left the house and went to cool off a while in his friend’s house.

Three hours later he came home still wearing his suspicion and the doubt he’s had for his girl for quite a while, he opened his room with a spare key and there lies his girlfriend with his father on top of her “chopping” her like noodles.

See Screenshot Below:

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