Sakawa Boys Spotted Bathing On A Bridge In Broad Daylight Hit Online.

A video of Sakawa boys performing their rituals in broad daylight on a bridge where everyone could see them drops online.

The boys dressed in their red cloth covering only their waist downwards were spotted on a high bridge in Nigeria.

Three boys could be spotted doing what is belief to be some ritual activities in order to gain quick money.

They could be seen bathing with soap and water without showing any act of remorse to the people passing by or users of the road.

Whether it’s a movie or a real-life issue, it has caused so much distress to many people as soap bathing is becoming the order of the day.

The unemployment status of the country is forcing most youth to venture into activities that will make them rich as quick as possible without any hard work.

Many people could be watching the guys performing their rituals.

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